Springbox Social

Transforming the social media presence of a digital agency.

My roles  //  Content Creation, Social Strategy


Over the summer, I had the chance to be a Design Intern for a digital agency called Springbox. In my free time, I started an initiative to transform the look and feel of Springbox social accounts. I worked directly with the Marketing team and the Social Media intern to plan weekly posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. My experience with photography allowed me to create an innovative look for Springbox that expressed its fun, creative, dog-loving company culture.

Why it matters

Not only is social media important externally (for attracting talent and new clients), but it is also important for internal relationships. I realized that the employees really enjoyed looking at all of the posts, including ones that featured socials, company dogs, and other employees. This sense of overall happiness and pride in the company was one of the most meaningful outcomes of this social initiative.