A quirky application that suggests healthy snack options based on specific situations.

My roles: UI Design, UX Design


We created a simple and fun way to find healthy snack options that are tailored to what you're doing, how you're feeling, and what you're craving. It's the perfect app for busy college students and working adults who want something to snack on, but don't exactly know what they want. Since we only had 8 hours in the competition, we were only able to create a web version. However, I revisited the project and I developed a mobile interface for the application for added convenience.

3rd place – 2016 Design Hacks Competition


Despite the time limit on this project, we wanted to thoughtfully plan out the components of the app. I was inspired by the playful nature of the Sentence feature on the Beats' app, which gave music suggestions based off of unique critera. As a group, we decided that activity level, mood, and cravings were the three largest factors in making food decisions.



Final designs



After creating the new mobile interface design, I am currently in the process of testing the product on potential users. Through my research, I would like to gain a better understanding of their needs and make adjustments to improve the functionality of the app. There is an opportunity for this application to be targeted towards those with special dietary restrictions like diabetes or lactose intolerance.

Collaborators: Jun + Anna + Jessica
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