Bringing people together, one recipe at a time.

My roles: UI Design, UX Design


This project was inspired by Chinese culture, my family's eating habits, and an Instant Pot that was gifted to me by my mom. Although the Chinese culture places a large emphasis on unity during meals, my childhood experiences with food included a lot of isolation. My mom would prepare the food, call my brother and I downstairs to eat, and I would finish my meal within five or ten minutes. Eating felt like more of a task than an experience to enjoy with my family.

My daily experiences with food are mundane and lack community.

After my mom gifted me an Instant Pot, and I found myself reaching out to her to ask questions about how to make certain dishes. I started to realize the uniqueness of family recipes and how they are passed down from generation to generation. Recipes actually create a sense of connection to our cultures and allow younger generations become more involved in the cooking process.



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